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Starting or Building a Successful BHRT Clinic is Challenging

Here’s How Accelerated Medical Practices (AMP) Helps You Succeed

Starting or transitioning into a hormone therapy practice successfully can be challenging for most medical professionals. Navigating the critical areas of business planning, recruiting, sales, and marketing, the path to profitability is an uphill struggle.

The team at AMP knows how difficult and stressful it can be because we’ve been in your shoes, growing our hormone clinic from a small three-person operation to a multimillion-dollar successful practice.

Using the best strategies and practices we’ve developed through first-hand experience over more than 11 years, we have the resources and programs designed to help you establish a profitable, freedom-filled practice.

Accelerate Your Path
to Expertise

With AMP’s comprehensive onboarding, leapfrog the learning curve and gain immediate access to essential materials and training, propelling you towards business and financial success within a year. We streamline your path from novice to expert, eliminate the guesswork and accelerate your success faster than if you worked on your own.

Exclusive Mentorship for Elite BHRT Providers

AMP provides personalized mentorship and coaching to address your specific challenges and goals. This includes regular calls and check-ins to ensure that you’re progressing, overcoming obstacles, and making the most of the AMP program to achieve your business and personal objectives.

Freedom to Practice on Your Terms

AMP offers the unique opportunity to practice medicine how you’ve always wanted. We provide you with a step-by-step guide you can adapt to your goals, giving you the freedom to achieve the work-life balance you desire and the premium care your patients expect.

Through our programs and resources you’ll have to keys to building a profitable practice that aligns with your values and lifestyle aspirations.

Proven Business Solutions and Provider Support

Get the 360-Support You Need to Grow

Embark on a journey to operational excellence with AMP, where you’ll get front and back office tools, resources, and unparalleled guidance. Our holistic approach ensures your practice not only thrives efficiently but also provides an extraordinary patient experience, streamlining office flow and elevating care to new heights.

AMP provides a thorough onboarding process that includes all necessary materials and training from day one. This ensures that clients can start on the right foot with the knowledge and tools needed to start or improve their hormone therapy practices effectively, at your own pace.
From business planning and process management to pricing strategies and documentation, AMP offers extensive guidance in navigating the often complex business aspects of running a successful healthcare practice.
Recognizing the unique challenges of marketing in the healthcare sector, especially for specialized services like hormone therapy, AMP not only assists our clients with marketing support, but also gives you:
  • A modern, cutting-edge website that is optimized for growth
  • Proven lead generation ads and campaigns, crafted to captivate and convert leads
  • Access to proven marketing and sales campaigns, ready to launch on day one
  • Expert guidance and support for long term success

Based on our extensive sales experience, propel your sales development and training with comprehensive support tailored to the unique challenges of hormone therapy practices. Through specialized workshops and personalized coaching sessions, you’ll gain invaluable skills in patient persuasion, staff motivation, and effective customer service.

This holistic approach not only enhances sales techniques but also ensures a seamless, patient-centered experience that sets AMP clients apart from their competitors.

Get the tools and strategies necessary to attract and maintain top talent in your practice. AMP guides our clients through the hiring process, from identifying the ideal candidate profiles to executing effective onboarding strategies. Moreover, AMP supports practices in creating a positive work environment that encourages staff loyalty and commitment, ensuring long-term stability and growth.

"We're not going to just give you the tools; we're going to help you use them!"

Discover the AMP Difference

Empowering Healthcare Providers to Lead with Confidence, Innovation, and Excellence

At AMP, we’re not just consultants; we’re proven pioneers in hormone therapy. Our journey from a small clinic to a multimillion-dollar successful practice fuels our commitment to helping you turn your potential into real, tangible results.

Forget generic advice. AMP brings you into a world of targeted, result-driven support, designed to make your practice a beacon of patient-centered care and profitability.

Welcome to a partnership with AMP, where your growth is powered by proven success.

Let’s craft your success story together.

Your Roadmap to Get Started

Embark on a transformative journey and unlock the full potential of your BHRT practice!

Book a Discovery Call

Start your journey by scheduling a discovery call to learn more about the program, discuss pricing, and determine if working with AMP fits your goals.

Sign the Agreement

After the discovery call, if you decide AMP is the right path for your practice, the next step is to sign an agreement to officially begin the partnership.

Attend the Onboarding Kickoff in Orlando

The program officially kicks off with an intensive onboarding week in Orlando, where you'll receive comprehensive training, materials, and support to set your practice up for success.

Wondering if AMP can help you reach your goals?

Don’t leave our website wondering. Take the Quiz and Find Out

Welcome to AMP—where your search for practice transformation could end. Dive into Dr. C’s journey by watching our video, where he shares his firsthand experience of starting a hormone practice. If his story resonates with you, know that you’re not alone, and we’re here to help.

AMP is crafted with medical professionals like you in mind, aiming to bridge the gap between medical expertise and essential business skills not covered in medical school. Many try to navigate this journey alone or seek advice from consultants who lack real-world experience, leading to frustration and uncertainty.

To streamline your path, we’ve designed a quick quiz to pinpoint exactly where you might need support. Say goodbye to guesswork and gamble—take our quiz and discover how AMP could be the tailored solution you’ve been seeking for your practice’s growth.

The quiz takes only a minute to complete. This just may be the beginning of a whole new future!

Unlock Your 7-Figure Future: The Hormone Practice Revolution

Dive into the world of unparalleled success with our exclusive webinar, “The 7 Figure Practice Playbook Revealed.”

Join us to uncover the secrets that will transform your hormone practice, boost your revenue, and set you on a path to career-changing achievements. Learn from the experts who not only faced the challenges you’re encountering but overcame them to operate a thriving hormone clinic.

Say goodbye to isolation, ineffective strategies, and the cycle of costly mistakes. This is your moment to connect, learn, and grow with a comprehensive plan tailored for your triumph.

Don’t miss this transformative journey to elevate your practice. Secure your spot in our groundbreaking webinar today and step confidently toward crafting the hormone practice of your dreams.

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